And the class lists are posted….

It is that time of year again. We are rushing around to find that every thing on our school supply lists. Wondering if 4 glue sticks will even last one week? Spending our last days soaking up the end of the summer and getting ready for this year. I wrote this entry last year and it still is so true. As we are preparing for middle school and Mom’s Morning Out (fingers crossed but not holding my breath), I recognize the importance of seeing class lists and teacher assignment’s from all angles.

Sing and Dance in the Kitchen

I was born wanting to be a teacher. By second grade, it was clear that I would teach elementary children. I taught my Cabbage Patch Kids every day after school. That Christmas I asked Santa for a chalkboard, a lesson plan book, real workbooks, and a stool to sit on. (My favorite teacher, Mrs. Thornton, had a stool.)

It was not that long ago, I waited in anticipation for my class list. All of these names with no faces yet. I wrote their sweet names over thirty times all over our classroom. Would they like me? Would I be enough for them? Was I prepared to teach them everything they needed to know?

I had worked all summer preparing our classroom. Spent so much of my own money to get all the final touches my room needed. I wanted my students to love it. This was their home away from…

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