The GRINCH Milkshake

I have to share this fun, green drink to celebrate my friend The Grinch.  You know, the Grinch is like so many of us.  This guy had some emotional wounds.  Some deep scars that started all the way back in childhood.  So The Grinch developed coping mechanisms (like I have and maybe you have) and even sequestered himself away from any sort of hurt.  He found a place so far away from anyone that could hurt him.  That cynical, grumpy attitude was really just a protective suit for The Grinch.  Ever put one of those on?  But The Grinch, even sequestered, protected, and guarded, was so lonely and missing connection.

I loved it when Jim Carry played The Grinch.  The character who flips the table is Cindy Lou Who.  Just a little girl who stayed curious.  You know we don’t do this enough.  I am so guilty of forming my opinions and moving on when someone’s expressions or enthusiasm does not match mine.  Maybe when someone’s values are different or they don’t share my beliefs, I easily move on.  But not Cindy Lou Who!  Cindy was invested!  Cindy Lou Who stayed curious and wanted to see the good in The Grinch.  Cindy knew something caused The Grinch to be this way and she knew he had a heart.  Even when everyone doubted Cindy, she still believed in The Grinch.  

My heart is to be more like Cindy Lou Who.  I want to look for the good.  I want to see past the protective walls that are built.  I want to see the heart of the person.  I want to stay curious until we get there.

To celebrate this season, we are celebrating with these fun Grinch Milkshakes!  A little reminder to my family that The Grinch just needed someone to believe in him.  Who can you believe in this Christmas?

The GRINCH Milkshake
(makes 2 milkshakes)

2 cups vanilla ice cream (I used Blue Bell)
¼ cup whole milk, plus more if needed
Green food gel – a few drops until desired color
Whipped cream, for garnish
Christmas Sprinkles
Candy Cane
6oz white chocolate or white almond bark

Melt white chocolate in the microwave until melted. Put the sprinkles in an open mouth bowl that the rim of glass will fit into.  Working one at a time, dip the rim of the milkshake glass into the chocolate. Immediately press the chocolate coated rim into the sprinkles, pressing lightly. Turn cups upright to dry completely.

Combine the ice cream, milk, and green food gel in a blender.  Puree on medium-high speed for 2 minutes, until well-blended.  If the milkshake is too thick, add 2 tablespoons more milk at a time until the desired consistency is reached.

Pour into two milkshake glasses. Garnished with whipped cream, sprinkles, candy cane, and fun straw.