The Chef

The Trouble We Stir Up!

My passion for cooking has been active since I can remember.  From an Easy Bake Oven, numerous children’s cooking classes, and most importantly cooking with my mom and grandmas, I evolved into a spirited cook.  Although I have never received formal culinary instruction, I have cooked with numerous chefs and experimented with countless new recipes.  Did I mention I read cookbooks like some read murder mysteries?  “Oh, wow, they used butter cream.  So clever!”

My collection of cookbooks (six  eight overflowing shelves) consists of tabs, sticky notes, mark outs and side notes.  After each recipe, I take time to write my thoughts.  Then the recipe begins to evolve.  Let me mention the amount of monthly cooking magazines that enter my mailbox!  I grew up reading Southern Living and Gourmet (RIP- you were a great magazine and I will continue to cook your Gouda Mac and Cheese that I have adapted every year at Christmas.)

I am proud to say that my husband, Chris, is now able to distinguish the taste between Rosemary and Thyme.  He gives me ideas and experiments in the kitchen at times too. My favorite mini cooking companions are my two boys, William and Whitaker.  My oldest has been in the kitchen for twelve years.  Although sports are his first love, he comes running in to crack eggs when needed for a recipe.  My three year old  jumps up on his stool to help me out whenever he gets the chance.  Complete with his chef hat and apron, he is beginning to stir up his own ideas.

Our kitchen is the heart of our home.  Many major decisions have been made while cutting onions and sautéing peppers.  It is never a quiet process because I think I need to sing and dance while the show is going on.  My first fabulous cheesecake was serenaded to by “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You!”

Lastly I need to mention, I am a realistic girl.  While just a few years ago, I work outside the home, I now work full-time at home.  I volunteer in my community and my son’s school, lead a ladies’ Bible study, manage a family,  travel and have fantastic dates with my husband.  (Since we are foodies, we are known to check out the latest restaurant and dine like we are the local food critics, but we have borrowed some great ideas!)  All that said, I will provide recipes that will not require you to take a leave of absence to prepare.

Since life happens in our kitchen, I will be sharing my life hacks, stories from the heart, books I’m reading, and things that just inspire me.

So, come sing and dance with me.  Who knows, you might find a few meals you want to recreate!


4 thoughts on “The Chef

  1. I can’t wait to start dancing and singing with your recipies! thank you for sharing all your great energy..

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