The Naked Turkey


I started teaching when I was in the second grade.  My Cabbage Patch Babies were perfect students.  As I got older, there was no doubt I wanted to become a teacher.  I was blessed to be in elementary school for fifteen years on my career.  Some of my time was in kindergarten.  I LOVE kindergarten!!  The happiest place to be in a school is the kindergarten wing.  These little sponges love life and learning.  And I was lucky enough to be part of their journey.

My first year of teaching, I created a “Naked” Turkey.  First of all, when you are five years old, it is fun to say “naked.”  We would create the body of the turkey by ripping up brown paper sacks.  Yes, it was good fine motor skills too.  Then we would glue our pieces on to a poster board.  But our turkey was “naked” and needed feathers.

So, throughout the week before Thanksgiving we would add feathers.  Some were created at home and some in our art center.  I always loved seeing our turkey on the final day.  All the colors, fingerprints, and imaginations of the students.

Well, you can take me out of the classroom but you can’t take the classroom out of me.  I began creating a “naked” turkey at home with the boys.

This year, I got out new art supplies each day so that Whitaker and I could create feathers.  Stickers, stamps, paint, glitter, etc.

So you have a whole week and your little ones are home with you.  Why not create a naked turkey?  They will look forward to the quality time creating feathers with you and I promise you will LOVE your finished project.  If you make a naked turkey, please share!

Plus you get to say “naked” but as moms we get to say that a lot already.

Looking Forward,


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