Love is in the air….

And it’s already February! Lots of celebrating coming up- Superbowl, Chinese New Year, Fat Tuesday, and Valentine’s Day! Be sure to search my blog for recipes to complete your festivities.

It is so important to let those around you know how much you love them. We all express love and receive love in different ways. If you have not read, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I encourage you to take the time. Chapman has a great quiz that identifies your love language. In my life, I have boys that receive love the best by quality time and positive words. Honestly, gifts don’t mean much to my guys. They want time and words. This year I added a door of love notes to my guys. So simple and it is fun to watch them look for their new note each day.


To add a little love to our kitchen doors, I found these chalkboard hearts in the dollar section of Target. I used washable chalk makers and they were ready to go!


Have a great week looking for ways to love on those around you!
Looking Forward,

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