We Just Keep Singing and Dancing…

Things have changed in our kitchen.  A sadness has been in our lives for over a month and we are not seeing the light just yet.  When we moved to Atlanta, we found the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, by the perfect schools, etc.  We did not find the perfect kitchen.  The kitchen is fine!  It is not set up for the cooking I enjoy.  Counter space, moving space, dancing space… it was not happening.  We started working with a designer, that took our little ideas and big dreams, and made it come to life on paper.  Chris and I “lived” in that paper floor plan for weeks, well months, trying to figure out if this is really what we wanted to do or just keep it the way it was (ugh!).

Enter in our contractor, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, floor guys, stone layers, welders, and guys that can just rip stuff up.  One day I was singing and dancing, creating my last meal in my 1990’s kitchen and the next morning I was taking a sledgehammer to the floors.  (seriously, I was the first person who got to the tell this kitchen “bye-bye!”)

Collage 2015-09-04 21_25_52

It has been an exciting experience to see new walls go up, flooring change, and seeing the new kitchen, MY KITCHEN, start to show its face.  There have been challenges.  We have built several houses and been a part of the kitchen selections but never to this degree.  Seriously.  EVERY. DECISION. IS. OURS. TO. MAKE.  That can be fun and exciting and at the same time very stressful, exhausting, and time-consuming.  Some decisions are easy.  Yes, we want a pantry.  Why would you build a house without a panty? Oh wait, this is a new thing for this house.  I can keep my love/hate relationship alive with Costco.  Some decisions I leave all up to Chris.  He has a good eye for design and can visualize the whole picture.  (this is not me!) I need visuals, manuals, examples, and many times I need to “play” with it! So the day we went to look at all the appliances, I was overwhelmed but in complete bliss.
Every oven/stove top was right before my eyes. Wolf, Viking, GE, blah, blah, blah. Chris put up with me pretending to cook, opening the refrigerator, and dashing over to the sink to plop the turkey in it… Well, you get the idea.
And now here we are! Over one month, we have not had a real kitchen. Our makeshift kitchen (in the basement) has a sink, mini fridge, microwave, and a slow cooker.
At first it was fun, now I’m over it!! We are all over it. Will just wants me to make cookies. I just want to try out a list of new recipes. It will all be worth it. There is a glimmer of light!
So we are still singing and dancing! I mean we have an almost ten-year old, we are Whipping and Naeing Naeing like everyone else. We talk about the first meal that will be cooked in the kitchen. We talk about how we can’t wait to have guests over again. We talk about all the life and love that will happen right there in our kitchen. Soon and very soon. Until then, keep singing and dancing and creating new things. I’ll be sharing my new slow cooker recipes soon.
Looking Forward,

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