My Glass Jar Decorating Trick

I have several tricks I use when decorating.  One of my favorite tricks is filling up the middle of a jar with cans.  Basically these are aluminum cans that I have emptied and cleaned out.  I use them again and again.  They are absolutely perfect for taking up space in my jars.

This month my jar is filled with conversation hearts.  I stack the cans in first and then begin filling my jar with the little conversation hearts.  So magically I create the illusion that the jar is full.  (So tricky!)


What tricks do you have when decorating?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Looking Forward,

Just Growing Grass….

Although it is 40 degrees outside today, we are preparing for spring and Easter in our home.  I have a tradition that about one month before Easter, I begin growing grass in the house.  Yes, it may seem silly but it bring me such joy.  And when the grass is perfect, I add eggs to complete my happiness.  It requires no thought.  You put dirt in your favorite container (I usually line my container with a plastic bag or trash sack), add some grass seed, and water!  This year Whitaker got in on the fun and got it all over the kitchen but he found happiness with the process.

I know there is worry and doubt.  What if my grass gets too long and I need to mow it?  Simple!   You have scissors to help you mow your little patch of grass.  What is my grass does not grow?  It will.  Just water and watch. And don’t store it in a closet.  The grass needs a little sun.  What if someone else’s grass is green?!?  Ha!  It always will be.


The past two years I have used an old bread pan to grow my grass.  I found this bread pan with my sister on 6th Street in Amarillo, TX.  Other times of the year, this pan holds mail, things I need to get to, and even hot wheels.  It is an equal opportunity pan!

Once your grass takes off, you can go crazy decorating and adding your favorite spring items.  Last year, our grass made its way to the dining table.


Life can be so simple at times.  The joy of seeing grass grow is one of those moments.  Spring is around the corner and it’s a reminder of all the new growth and the beauty that will surround us.  Easter is all about the new growth and life we have in Christ.  Enjoy this time of the year.  Sing and Dance!  We have been so blessed!

Looking Forward,